Image of E.A. Petricone. Graphite drawing of woman with long, dark curly hair beside milkweed plants and fluff.

E.A. Petricone writes strange, dark, and often absurd things. Her work has appeared in Apparition Literary Magazine, Nightmare Magazine, Slice Magazine, All Worlds Wayfarer, Metaphorosis Magazine, Liminality, Allegory, The Writer’s Chronicle, and other marvelous places.

Petricone is obsessed with Post-Its. Her collection of square and rectangular Post-It note pads in all colors towers over her desk and her walls are papered with scribbled notes. Her “notebook” is just a 6×8 Post-It.

She is the friend who is very concerned about whether or not you have enough snacks—and if she sees your cat, she is going to try to start a conversation with it.

Speaking of friends, artist Amelia Royce Leonards is one of her best ones. Leonards created Petricone’s graphite portrait pictured on this page, as well as all the other art featured on this website.

Petricone holds a BA from Hampshire College and an MFA from Lesley University. She lives in Massachusetts.